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Vanity Number Plates to be Launched Soon in Punjab

From the first week of the coming month, the people of the province of Punjab would be able to install fancy number plates on their automobiles. As per the media reports, the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab would now be permitting the citizens to install vanity number plates on their automobiles from February.

The people would be allowed to buy and select their choice number for their vehicle number plate. Additionally, they would be given an option to select the name and picture of their favourite person to be shown on the number plate.

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Moreover, the citizens would also be able to display their names on the number plates.

The authority has even made a website and a mobile application for the ease of people in this regard. The site and the app would soon be operational.

The Excise Department has set up six offices in Lahore city so that the individuals could get their desired number plates directly from the authority by going to the nearest established office.

It is important to mention that the number plates could only be bought from the six offices which the authority has set up. The areas where the offices would be established are Walton Road, Bund Road, DHA, etc.

Other than Lahore the Excise Department has also set up offices in eight other districts, including Faisalabad and Multan, etc for providing the facility to people to display their respective vanity number plates.

While conversing with media the spokesperson of the Excise Department informed that a total of four categories are made and the number plates would be issued under these defined set categories. Under the first two categories—Gold and Platinum—the vanity number plates would be issued to the multinational firms, while under the remaining two categories—Silver and Bronze—the Lahoriites would get their desired number plates.

The concept of vanity number plates is in trend in the United States and the United Kingdom. The government of these countries sell vanity numbers to the citizens in a bid to gain money. So, it is likely, that the government of Punjab is thinking along the same lines.

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