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Uzbekistan Simplified Visa Process for Pakistani Businessmen

The Uzbekistan embassy in Pakistan on Saturday has simplified the visa process for Pakistani businessmen, as informed by the diplomats.

As per the new policy, the embassy would give visa to all the entrepreneurs within a day after they submit an online request.

While conversing with a group of businessmen of Pakistan including—Fauzia Qazi, Khalid Nawaz and Mr Zahid, the diplomats said that the reforms implemented in Uzbekistan have created new opportunities for the development of trade and economic cooperation between the two nations.

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The new government in Uzbekistan has also decreased the power tariff and has offered many incentives for the ones who want to invest that could be of an advantage for Pakistan’s businessmen too. It was further added that Pakistan could make efforts for producing the Uzbek agriculture machinery in Punjab and both the nations could also work together on the making of transport corridors.

Uzbekistan is employed in making equipment which is equivalent to the European machinery, however, cheaper in terms of prices, the diplomats—Jasur Saidahmedov and Shukhrat Sh Zaripov mentioned. It manufactures high-quality home appliances, earthmoving machinery, automotive, agricultural equipment—which could also be exported to Pakistan and heavy-duty trucks.

This decision has been taken in an agreement to facilitate the Pakistani business community.

The diplomats further added that the trade and investment potential of both the countries has considerably improved and work is being done to further eliminate the trade hurdles.

All the entrepreneurs are encouraged to begin the trade activities as the government of Uzbekistan is offering every facility possible to the foreign investors, the diplomats mentioned and also said that cooperation could be done in the fields of pharmaceuticals, leather goods, agricultural products and the development of the tourism sector.

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