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UVAS Among Top 10 as per HEC Ranking

The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS)—Lahore was ranked among the top ten universities regarding sports for the year span of 2015-2016 by the Higher Education Commission.

The university was ranked at the eighth position for women’s sports and on the seventh position for men’s sports. HEC ranking is based on the overall inter-university sports championships for the year 2015-2016. The event was widespread in twenty-four categories for women and thirty categories for men. UVAS scored five hundred and seven points in women’s sports among forty-seven participating universities of Pakistan and scored six hundred and eighty-two points in men’s sports among ninety-five participating varsities.

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In the previous sports category ranking, UVAS was in the tenth position both for men and women sports. As per the latest ranking, the university has upgraded to a higher position both for men and women categories.

UVAS is ranked by HEC among the top ten universities of Pakistan in terms of overall ranking. And as per the QS Asia University Ranking-2018, it was ranked in the range of three hundred and one to three hundred and fifty.

Prof Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha—VC of UVAS expressed his happiness with the achievement and congratulated the staff, faculty members, and students. He said that the university’s motto of producing professionals while simultaneously encouraging them to explore their potentials has helped in acquiring the status the university enjoys today. He further added that all of this was made possible by the proper use of resources, knowledge and skills need for the human resource development.

He concluded that he hopes that the university would continue progressing and developing in future.

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