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Utility Stores to Offer Discounted Commodity Items from Today

Discounted Commodity Items

PM Khan has officially given approval to the relief package for the utility stores throughout the nation, resulting in bringing the price of the regular use commodity items down significantly, as per the reports of local media on Monday.

The price of per kilogram sugar has reduced and is now available on a discounted rate of Rs.7 in the utility stores, the retail price of sugar in the open market is Rs.75 and would be available at a rate of Rs.68 per kg in the utility stores.

The prices of rice, white chickpeas along with other commodity items would also be slashed.

The official notice of the discounted prices of commodity items has been released and its implementation would start throughout the nation from Tuesday that is today.

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Previously on the 31st of July, a delegation of the Utility Stores Corporation called on to PM Khan.

The meeting highlighted the steps towards the betterment and improved working of the stores and their increased efficiency.

The Prime Minister has shown interest in transforming the corporation into a world-class organization.

PM Khan asked the delegation to revamp the institute on a retail basis like the stores present in the developed nations.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, the government has slashed the prices of 4 most used pulses in the country which includes Daal Maash, Daal Moong, Daal Chana and Daal Masoor.

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