Using Android USB-C cables with iPhone 15 won’t cause damage

According to AppleInsider, using Android USB-C cables with the iPhone 15 series does not harm the phone, despite web rumors to the contrary.

A rumor that was first spread by a Chinese vendor immediately went viral and worried iPhone 15 users. He asserted that using an iPhone 15 with an Android USB-C connector would break the gadget. The Foshan, Guangdong Province-based retailer made this claim while promoting Android USB-C cables. He asserted that one of his cables has nine pins on one side and another has eleven pins.

Using cables with various numbers of pins could harm the iPhone 15, the Chinese retailer continued. This claim soon gained popularity on social media, sparking speculation. Because it was such a big assertion, Apple had to immediately engage and address iPhone 15 owners.

Using Android USB-C cables with the iPhone 15 series is secure

The short answer is that your iPhone 15 gadgets won’t be harmed if you connect them to Android USB-C cords. Part of the reason the iPhone switched from Lightning to USB-C was to lessen e-waste and satisfy EU regulations.

The change would be completely useless if owners of iPhone 15s had to purchase a brand-new cable for their handset. Of course, it’s possible that Apple didn’t mind disclosing an exclusive USB-C cable for its new products (the iCable, for instance) and charging $99 for it.

It’s not necessary to be an insider to comprehend the USB-C architecture. Twelve of the 24 pins on a typical USB-C cable are found on the side of the internal tongue, allowing it to be bi-directional. These cables can be used for charging, switching between host and client modes, data and power transfers, etc.

Owners of the iPhone 15 should be more concerned about the endurance of their devices than with the ability of Android USB-C cables to work with them. Despite having a titanium frame, the iPhone 15 Pro is less resistant to drops than the iPhone 14 Pro, according to a recent drop test by Sam Kohl.

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