Users Protest Against Outlook Web Policies

Microsoft will retire the standalone mail and calendar apps on Windows 10 and 11. The transition will begin at the end of this month. Ever since this became known, dissatisfaction among users has been growing.

Quite Annoying

What emerges from a post by Windows Latest. Accordingly, there is a growing number of Windows users who are protesting more or less strongly against the changeover by Microsoft and want to get the group to rethink.

The resentment among Windows users began with the announcement that users were to be forced to migrate to the “new Outlook“. The mail and calendar apps are to be replaced by September 2024 at the latest. An individual choice does not remain.

This planned forced migration has upset many users. Numerous comments show that users are extremely dissatisfied with Microsoft’s efforts to “transform Windows into a web OS”. There’s a good reason for this – according to some reports, the new Outlook is more resource-intensive than the old apps.

Apps are retired

Microsoft is currently moving forward with these plans for Outlook and will soon be retiring the existing UWP apps for Mail and Calendar. Interestingly, the schedules have been revised several times, especially recently.

What it Says Currently

“In late August 2023, we will also begin automatically migrating Mail and Calendar app users to the new Outlook for Windows, with the option to revert if they wish,” Microsoft said in the release, which is currently only visible to paying business customers.

One important question remains: is it possible to escape the forced migration that is about to begin? The short answer is no.

This migration will begin automatically, and Microsoft will not let users opt out of this process. But there is a way out, at least for now. One can still return to the Mail and Calendar apps by selecting the toggle in the new Outlook for Windows. But it shouldn’t stay that way in the long run.

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