Users can now share complete folders via Nearby Share

Nearby share

One of the most convenient ways out there to share files between Android smartphones is Nearby Share. Well, the Nearby Share features are not just limited to Android smartphones, users can also share files between Android smartphones and Windows or Chrome OS PCs. It uses Wi-Fi to share files. Reportedly, the Nearby Share has grown more useful with the addition of a new feature. As per the information, users can now share entire folders via Nearby Share.

Well, don’t get too excited since the feature comes with a catch. For sharing entire folders, users are required to use the Files by Google app, reports Mishaal Rehman. For those of you who are unaware, the Files by Google app has a close integration with Nearby Share. The app even contains a dedicated tab for Nearby Share. Using this, users can now share whole folders between Android smartphones as well as from Android to Windows PCs or Chrome OS devices.

You might be wondering how to do it. Well, just go to Files by Google app. Locate the folder that you wish to share. Long-press on the folder then click on the Nearby Share icon. Lastly, choose the destination for the folder and it will be shared.

This is not a new feature

It is quite possible that we misunderstand this feature as a new one. But this is not the case. The feature has been around for quite some time however, it got attention just now. Nail Sadykov, the manager of the Google News Telegram channel, claims that the feature has been available since May.

One thing to notice here is that the feature is restricted to Files by the Google app. It is not available with any other means of sharing files. The folder would need to be compressed first and then sent as usual. This eliminates that step from the process.