How To Use PTCL iflix For Free In Pakistan?

PTCL is the chief leading telecommunication establishment in Pakistan. Though many telecommunication companies have made a mark in Pakistan but PTCL has ruled the industry for ages in providing the best Internet and telephonic services in the country.

Iflix is an international service based in Malaysia, with the aim to provide video on demand facility to the users.  It offers users to watch international and national content, whenever and wherever they want to.

PTCLiflix is a collaboration between PTCL and iflix through which iflix will offer 12 month free access to all kinds of videos, movies, international and national to the users.

Here is the link to become a member of PTCLiflix. It is free for one whole year.

The whole procedure for logging in is

Open the above link. Sign up.

Then a page would open which would say “Users on Smart TV or 4Mbps and above plans are entitled for 12 month unlimited access, sponsored by PTCL!”

The options available would be Learn more, Redeem Now and Not Now. You should click on Redeem Now to become a member of PTCLiflix. Your number will be verified. Enter verification code and get access to international and national movies, seasons, dramas and videos.

The Iflix App can be downloaded on Android Phones by Google Play and on Apple phones by iTunes.

Link for Google Play iflix App is:

Link for iTunes iflix App is:

Download, Install and verify it to start enjoying videos and movies.

The App also has a feature which enables users to Download and Watch Offline. This means that users can download any media content they want and watch it without having an internet connection. Iflix would give an option of downloading video in low, medium or high quality. Users can oversee their storage space and make that decision.

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Benefits of PTCLiflix:

  • The biggest advantage of PTCLiflix is that it is free for a year. This offer by iflix is specifically for PTCL broadband users.
  • You can download any video, movie, season or drama from PTCLiflix and then watch it offline. Internet connection won’t be a necessity.
  • PTCLiflix gives freedom to the users once they sign up. There is no barrier or restriction between the users and the content they want to watch.
  • The quality of videos on PTCLiflix starts from 144p to 240p, 360p, then 480p, and finally 720p (HD), and 1080p (HD).
  • iflix has over 300,000 subscribers across Asia which is a huge achievement in a short span.

PTCLiflix provides opportunity to the users to watch the content they want to without facing barriers. Usually when you want to watch a movie, there is a range of links; you waste hours on just getting access to a certain movie or season. The offer with one year free access to PTCLiflix where you can find all media content easily in one place is a huge achievement. The method is easy; there are no complications for the users.

So make an account using the links given above and enjoy easy access to your favorite international and national content.

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