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Use of Pakistani Currency Banned in Khost Markets, Afghanistan

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Afghan authorities for increasing the circulation of local currency on Sunday have taken the decision to ban trade in Pakistani currency in the South-eastern Khost province.

The decision has been taken by the provincial governor—Hakam Khan Habibi. The decision is aimed at combating the use of Pakistani rupee in local markets.

After the move, many young people of Khost had united to force the people to buy and sell goods only using their own local currency. The Afghans said that they face a lot of problems while trading in Pakistani currency, especially when the dollar rates are not stable.

The governor’s spokesman—Talib Mangal while conversing with the Pajhwok Afghan News said that a commission has been formed for implementing the plan of promoting transactions in Afghanis instead of Pakistani rupee.

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He warned that if anyone would be found violating the decision would be referred to the judiciary.

But, on the other hand, the civil society activists say that the plan has remained unsuccessful in achieving its desired objective so far.

Although Afghanistan shares a lot of common things with Pakistan including their religion, history, ethnicity, geography and race, however, bilateral ties between the two nations have always been tense. The trade volume between the two nations, despite having a potential of $5billion, has decrease from $2.5billion to just $1.4billion.

Despite the hard times, the ports of Pakistan both Karachi and Gwadar are still the most economical routes for Afghan transit trade.

Back in the month of May, Pakistan formally reopened the Ghulam Khan crossing point after nearly 4 years. The route serves as the shortest most from Karachi to Kabul, decreasing the total distance by more than four hundred kilometres.

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