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Use of Metro Bus Service Witnesses A Dip as the Fares Go Up

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The use of metro bus service has been abandoned by a number of people in Lahore and Rawalpindi after the government surged fares in the month of July.

As per the estimates, more than 15,000 people have started using the chingchis or other means of transportation instead of the bus service.

The metro bus fares have been surged by the government of Punjab from Rs.20 to Rs.30 after it finished the Rs.1.2 billion yearly subsidy it was giving to the Punjab Mass Transit Authority for keeping the fare at Rs.20 per person.

One of the residents of the Rawalpindi city said that he no more uses the metro bus service. He said that everyone has to pay Rs.30 now, even if they do not want to travel along the complete track covered by the bus service.

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He informed that local wagons and chingchis take Rs.15 or Rs.20 for the same travelling distance.

He said that the government must work upon it and reduce the cost of the bus service.

The resident further added that the authorities could keep the prices at Rs.30 for Islamabad and make it Rs.20 for Rawalpindi.

A shop owner operating his shop in the capital city said that he has to travel between the twin cities on a per-day basis. He said that earlier the prices of the metro bus service were affordable but now travelling has become costlier.

He complained that even the air conditioners inside the bus are not functioning so why the public should pay the high price.

However, there are also some people who have remained unaffected by the surge in the metro bus fares.

One student said that so what if the prices have surged, I would not stop using the bus service.

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