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USCIRF Declares India ‘dangerous’ for Minorities


United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released its annual report in which for the first time India has been declared a dangerous country for the minorities. And in the case of Pakistan, many positive developments have been acknowledged.

The US Commission’s annual report on religious freedom has declared that India is a dangerous country for the minorities. Also, India was included in the list of Countries of Particular Concern (CPC).

The steps taken by Indian authorities that were highly criticized by the US Commission in the annual report included the controversial Indian Citizenship Bill, the decision regarding Babri Masjid by the Supreme Court and the revocation of the special status of Occupied Kashmir. The report advised the US Congress to carry on hearings on the state of religious freedom in India.

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In the same report the steps taken by Pakistan were acknowledged. These steps included the opening of the Kartarpur corridor for Sikh pilgrims, the opening of first Sikh university in Pakistan, reopening of a Hindu temple, the ruling of Supreme Court on blasphemy charges, action taken against the publication of discriminatory material against minorities and the step taken by Pak government to review the educational material.

In the report it was revealed that India’s position with regard to religious freedom went down in 2019 with the increasing number of attacks on the minorities in the country.

The report clearly stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after winning a second term of government openly targeted Muslims. Similarly, mob lynching has become normal under the BJP government.

Thus, the report has recommended placing India on the list of countries of particular concern and banning officials in India that work against religious freedom.

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