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Usage of Laptops, Computers Shortens Attention Span of Children

attention span of children

A new study suggests based on a survey of 8th graders from Norway that the usage of laptops, computers are shortening the attention span of children.

Exploring the impacts of various teaching methods like digital platforms on student learning, the study indicates that screen time affects the ability of children to process and store information.

As per the lead author of the study, Professor Marte Blikstad-Balas, it is now more tough for the students to read longer texts in comparison to the students twenty years before.

Owing to the reason that their brains are engaged in reading on a computer or mobile screens, which offer more distractions. Blikstad-Balas also said that pictures and videos offer a distraction to children and make them more used to shorter texts.

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Dr. Wajahat during a TV program said that if a child uses mobile or laptop or any other windows for studying this distracts them.

He also said that studying for longer periods on a laptop or mobile or tablet is bad for health. Children cannot focus on one thing for longer than 20 minutes because their attention span has reduced so much.

He further added that physical books were better for young children than the electronic ones and should be used for reading and studying.

Dr. Wajahat also said that to create a structured environment at home, the same as a library start by telling children to sit with a book for 20 minutes.

In case, your child had formed the habit of studying on a tablet, delete other applications on it for decreasing distractions, only let the child access the book they are studying from.

He also advised to older readers to place their phone aside for one hour and appreciate life.

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