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US Visa Freeze Affects the Foreign Workers

US Visa Freeze

The United States of America has taken the decision to temporarily suspend the entry of some of the foreign workers to the country. This decision has been taken as the administration of Trump decided to suspend the visas of the foreign workers until the end of 2020. This decision is aimed at freeing up some of the jobs as the nation is experiencing the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proclamation was issued on Monday, is extending the ban on the green cards that have been issued outside the country, and is freezing many temporary work visas.

The ban extends on all the H-1B visas, which are often used by technology firms for employing people with specialized skills and knowledge, H-2B visas for the non-agricultural seasonal workers especially the ones who work in the hospitality sector, J-1 visas for the students and the L-1 visa category for the workers of the multinational companies.

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As per the White House, this decision would create jobs for the Americans who have been hurt economically because of the pandemic. The critics, but, have claimed that the administration of Trump is using the shield of the pandemic for making its immigration laws stricter.

The new restrictions that were announced yesterday are not to affect the existing visa holders.

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