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US Stores Halt to Stock Johnson’s Baby Powder After Asbestos Concerns

Johnson’s Baby Powder

The stores in the United States have as per reports stopped to stock Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder after the firm announced a countrywide recall of one lot of the product on the 18th of October owing to asbestos contamination.

As per the retail giants like Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens announced that they had retrieved the product from their shelves, as per the reports of CNN.

Johnson and Johnson had made the announcement to recall 33,000 bottles of the baby powder after the US Food and Drug Administration gave confirmation of the presence of asbestos in the product.

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As per a press statement, the FDA said that testing has found that a sample from one lot of the product contains chrysotile fibres, which is a type of asbestos.

It further said that the consumers who have got Johnson’s baby powder lot number 22318RB should stop making use of it with immediate effect and contact the Johnson and Johnson for a refund.

Johnson said that the asbestos was found in the levels below 0.00002percent and it was abiding with the investigation of the FDA.

The company also added that the thousands of tests over the span of the last 40 years confirmed their consumers used the talc products which do not contain asbestos.

Asbestos is a cancer-causing chemical that could contaminate talc-based products if the talc ore is not purified properly during mining.

Talc is usually found in cosmetic items like baby powder and blush.

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