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US Still Issuing 5-Year US Visa to Pakistanis

5-year US visa

The US is still issuing 5-year US visa to Pakistanis.

The spokesperson of the US Embassy—Richard Snelsire informed on Monday that the United States of America never stopped giving 5-year visa to the Pakistani businessmen and tourists.

He added that the US had been giving 5-year tourist and business visas to Pakistanis for years and they are pleased that Pakistan is now planning on giving 5-year visas to the American tourists and businessmen.

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Recently, it was decided by the government of Pakistan that for boosting tourism, it has given the permit for issuing 5-year and multiple entry visa of Pakistan to the US nationals with a maximum stay of 3 months.

This latest development in the visa policy of Pakistan was needed by the United States.

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