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US Pushes for Indo-Pak Direct Talks

According to officials, the US is pushing for direct Indo-Pak talks amid the escalation of tensions between the two countries. Pakistan has time and again shown willingness to talk about issues with India on the table.

The offer to communicate and negotiate the problems has been offered by Pak PM Imran Khan more than once. But India has till now not responded positively to Pakistan’s offers.

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Other than the US, Saudi Arabia has been playing its role as well to convince India to negotiate with Pakistan. The Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir was compelled to put on hold his visit to the region as India kept an indifferent attitude towards adopting diplomacy to tackle the sensitive situation.

Jubeir wanted to travel to Islamabad and New Delhi last weekend to arbritrate the situation between two nuclear armed rivals. But as per observors the Indian PM Narendra Modi was hesitant to negotiate with Pakistan mainly due to the upcoming elections in India.

But now different international players are convincing Modi to solve its issues with Pakistan through communication. The communication currently between the two countries is going on mainly through the United States. The directors general military operations (DGMOs) usually interact once in a week but they two have adopted silence since the tensions.

US has confirmed that it is making an effort for direct communication’ between the two countries.

Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department Robert Palladino told reporters, “The position of the United States is that we urge both sides to continue to take steps to de-escalate the situation, and that includes through direct communication.”