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US President Tests Positive for COVID-19

US President

US President Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19 and has gone into quarantine.

In a tweet, the US President tweeted that his close White House aide Hope Hicks has also tested positive previously and the President and first lady Melania Trump were waiting for their test results.

As per the available details, he tweeted that the lady and he himself are awaiting their test results. He further wrote that in the meantime, they would be commencing their quarantine process.

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Later on Friday, the US President Donald Trump confirmed about getting positive test results for coronavirus.

Trump earlier informed media that he spends a lot of time with the first lady and with his close aide Hope Hicks.

On Tuesday, Hicks traveled with the President as he went to Cleveland, Ohio for the first presidential debate with his competitor, Democrat Joe Biden.

The physician of the President on Friday said that President Trump is well and would continue to perform his duties without any break while being in quarantine with the first lady, after both of them tested positive for the virus.

Sean Conley the doctor said in a statement that both the President and the first lady are well at this time and they intend to remain at home at the White House during this span.

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