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US President Hints at Immigration Ban to Curb Coronavirus Spread

immigration ban

The US President Donald Trump has hinted at a possible immigration ban to control the spread of the coronavirus.

He took it to Twitter and wrote that in view of the attack from the invisble enemy (referring to coronavirus), and also in order to protect the jobs of the American citizens, he would be signing an Executive Order to temporarily ban immigration into the US.

Nearly twenty two million Americans lost their jobs ever since the lockdown has been imposed for controlling the spread of the novel COVID-19, and frustration is growing in some parts of the nation.

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In the last 4 months, the virus has transformed the world completely, it has led to prolonged and indefinite confinement as half the planet is indoors and has taken 17,000 lives across the globe.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought drastic changes and has affected the global economy. It has also brought down the oil prices severely low.

As per sources, where the world economies are getting negatively affected owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the US crude oil market crashed.

According to the economist because of COVID-19, the global transport is closed and the petrol demand has declined, the demand and the shortage of the supply will cause Shell, the American Oil Company to suffer the most.

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