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US-Pakistan Enjoying Very Good Relations; Says Trump

very good relations

Donald Trump—the President of the United States of America has said that the US and Pakistan are enjoying very good relations, as per the local media reports on Thursday.

The US President made these remarks as he was getting ready to leave the White House for a factory visit in Ohio, where he was to meet his supporters as well.

He praised the role played by Pakistan in maintaining peace and stability in the region and in bringing the Taliban on the table for talks. He also said that his administration would be meeting with the officials of Pakistan soon.

The relationships between the US and Pakistan have witnessed highs and lows recently, with President Trump making the announcement to make a cut of $300million in the military aid to Pakistan last year.

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He has also criticized Pakistan on Twitter in a post back in November, saying that the capital city was not doing much for stopping terrorism.

Later, the PM Pakistan—Imran Khan responded to the US President and termed the allegations of the United States as baseless.

Sometime later, when Imran Kahn was interviewed with the Washington Post, he denied and turned down the impression of a Twitter war with President Trump and said that he only responded to the tweet of President Trump for setting the record straight.

He added that the exchange was about being accused of deeply flawed US policies—the military approach of the US towards Afghanistan.

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