US Manufacturer Stuck With 30 Million N95 Covid Masks

N95 Masks

The US manufacturer in Miami pounced on the N95 mask shortage last year, however, the company made the Covid-19 masks in surplus, and now the company is stuck with 30 Million excessive masks.

Demetech the company was approved by the US government for its covid-19 N95 masks but that is not enough to sell all the stock. After nine months and spending tens of millions of dollars the company was unable to sell its product to the customers required to grab that much stock.

The company blamed China made N95 masks with lower prices, which has ruined their selling potential. Luis Arguello vice president Demetech said, “unfortunately a lot of hospitals in the US put us against the Chinese-made N95 masks, and we are considerably more expensive because we use US raw material and the US labour for manufacturing.”

The wholesale dealers say the problem is Americans being wary of new makers of the devices.

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