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US Imposing Visa Restrictions on Pakistan – Foreign Minister Denies

The United States is not imposing visa restrictions on Pakistan as revealed by the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Qureshi was briefing the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs about imposing the visa sanctions on Pakistan.

The Minister said, “The US has not imposed any restrictions. The US embassy has released a press release in this regard.”

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He explained to the committee that the US has detained over 70 illegal immigrants and is willing to send them back to Pakistan.

He said, “The United States has informed us that they have over 70 illegal Pakistanis in their custody and want to deport them. We have asked the US to complete the legal framework in this regard.”

He told the Lower House that the immigrants will return to Pakistan through a special charter plane.

Qureshi said that the visa sanctions were not for all the citizens, they were just for three government officials.

He revealed that visit visa for joint secretary, additional secretary interior and DG passport were banned by the US for ‘some reason.’

The foreign minister said, “This is restriction is not on Pakistan, and both the sides have given the clarification for this.”

The committee was briefed about the change in policy. Qureshi further said that the foreign ministry will issue only as many visas as the US does. If the US will issue the visa for 5 years, Pakistan will do it for the same time period.