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US Embassy Warns its Citizens of Crimes in Islamabad

US Embassy

The US Embassy in the federal capital has issued a warning to its citizens of a surge in the number of crimes in Islamabad.

The warning was issued informing the American citizens residing in the capital city that the number of crimes, which includes the theft of cellular phones, purses and vehicles, mugging, and armed robberies had increased in the city.

The warning alert on the website of the US Embassy read that it had received reports about a recent surge in street crimes in the federal capital. As per the website, most of these incidents occurred in the sectors F-6, G-6, F-7, F-10, I-9, and I-10.

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It also stated that the US citizens are reminded that the response time of the police to the different reported crimes could vary. The US citizens who are traveling within any of these sectors and especially if they are making their visits to markets should practice caution and remain alert.

The embassy has asked its citizens to keep their profiles low and to avoid showing off their wealth, which includes wearing expensive watches or jewelry and should be extra alert when visiting the banks or ATMs.

Furthermore, it added that they should be alert of the surroundings and should get themselves enrolled in the Safe Traveler Enrollment Programme (STEP) in order to get the security updates.

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