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US Embassy to Continue Normal Visa Operations in Pakistan; Says FO

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The Foreign Office (FO) on Monday referred to the media reports about US Federal Registry notification on the advent of new rules on consular matters as misleading and claimed that the US Embassy would continue to function normal visa operations in Pakistan.

The FO clarified in a statement that the US government would continue on their normal consular operations in Islamabad at their Embassy.

The statement further read that they understand that the United States government would be continuing the normal consular operations at their embassy in the capital city and that the present discussions have no effect on the issuance of visas to the routine Pakistani applicants.

The FO mentioning to the media reports said that they are misleading and said that there is an ongoing discussion between Pakistan and the US on consular matters which includes the repatriation issues.

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It further mentioned that both the nations are working mutually on these matters persistently with their respective laws and have made significant progress.

The US had previously listed Pakistan among the nations sanctioned under the State Department rule leading to the refusal to process visa applications. The listing could lead in the withholding visas to Pakistanis starting with the senior government officials.

The notification was published in the US Federal Register on the 22nd of April and was put into effect from the same day.

The actual effect of the listing remains to be observed, as the State Department told media that the consular operations in Pakistan have remained the same. The same was informed by the embassy staff off the record.

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