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US denies India’s claim of shooting down Pakistani F-16 fighter jet

US defence officials have denied India’s claim of shooting down the Pakistan F-16 fighter jet, leading to the escalation in tensions between the two nuclear-armed countries in February. The Foreign Policy Magazine reported this that India made a false claim as those US officials who had direct knowledge of the situation revealed that Islamabad’s F-16s were counted by the US personnel and none of them were missing.

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This means that all the claims made by Indian media, political and military leaders are wrong. The counting done by US authorities on the ground of Pakistan’s F-16 has totally negated the Indian version of the stories. This also indicates that Indian authorities and media just wanted to misdirect the global community by making false claims.

On February 27th, India violated Pakistan’s airspace and Pakistan shot down  two Indian aircraft and captured the Wing commander Abhinandan, who was later released as a peace gesture. The Modi government claimed that it shot down a Pakistani jet at that time in order to fulfill its political agendas. But the claim was false as now proved by US authorities as well. Even the opposition parties in India have been criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for exaggerating the incident, in order to improve its position in the elections 2019.