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US Blacklisted Pakistan For Violating Religious Freedom

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The United States informed on Tuesday about adding Pakistan to its blacklist of nations that are involved in a regular, continuous and egregious violations of religious freedom.

Michael Pompeo—the Secretary of State in a press statement said that he designates China, Pakistan, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Turkmenistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Sudan and North Korea as the countries that have particular concern under the International Religious Freedom Act 1998 for being involved in or tolerating regular, continuous and egregious violations of religious liberty.

A year before Pakistan was placed on a special watch list by the secretary—which is a step before finally blacklisting any nation.

This step is aimed at improving the lives of individuals and for the broader success of their societies. This decision was approved on the 28thof November by Pompeo, as per the statement details.

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Pakistan’s placement on the list of ‘nations of particular concern’ came days after Pakistan made sure to provide justice to the Christian woman—Asia Bibi, in spite of having a lot of pressure from the different segments of the society,

It was further informed by the US officials that in many places on Earth, people face harassment, arrests or even die just because of living their lives in accordance with their beliefs. The United States would not just stand by and watch all this oppression.

He said that the protection and promotion of international religious freedom is the topmost foreign policy preference in the administration of Trump.

Pompeo added that protecting religious freedom is important for ensuring peace, prosperity and stability.

The secretary has also placed Russia, Uzbekistan and Comoros on a Special Watch List for the governments that have involved in or tolerated adverse violations of religious liberties.

He concluded by saying that Washington remains committed to working with the governments, religious leaders and civil society organizations for advancing religious liberty across the world.

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