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Uruguay head to head with Portugal and Spain with Russia in the knockout stage

Uruguay’s last 3—0 victory against Russia get them through to last 16 knockout stage, winning this game was not necessary for them as they had won 2 games already and now they have to face Portugal in the knockout stage. Portugal’s draw with Iran yesterday was the game changer, Iran’s team was incredible throughout the game in terms of defense they hold Portugal back for 90 minutes as they should but unfortunately, Iran’s stickers could not finish the ball as they got great chances to finish.

Uruguay won all three games in the group stage while Portugal had 2 draws and one win, this shows that Uruguay has been good so far. Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo didn’t score in the last game; however, Luis Suarez did the first goal for Uruguay.

Uruguay seems to have an upper hand on Portugal in the upcoming game, but it would be interesting to see if Ronaldo’s magic works this time or not if it does, holding Portugal back while scoring goals would be difficult for Uruguay.

Spain, on the other hand, takes on Russia in the final 16 stage, Russia could be an easy target for Spain but the World Cup’s pressure game could stumble any time, Spain’s last game yesterday with Morocco was extremely hard to win, the last minute Lago Aspas’s goal made the equalizer.

If Russia maintains the strong defense against Spain, it would be interesting to see big players struggling for sending the ball back of the net.