Urdu will be Medium of Instruction at Punjab Primary Schools from 2020

According to the Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, Urdu will be enforced as a medium of instruction at primary schools from 2020.

On Twitter, the Punjab CM announced that due to the current English medium of instruction, the time of teachers and students get wasted.

Translation of English into Urdu takes a lot of time which can be avoided by making Urdu as the medium of instruction at primary schools. Due to this wastage of time on translation instead of comprehension, students fail to learn anything new.

Sardar Usman Buzdar revealed that a survey – with the help of teachers, parents, and students – was conducted in 22 districts of Punjab, and over 85 percent opinion in every category favored Urdu instead of English as a medium of instruction.

Usman Buzdar tweeted,

So he said that from next March the medium of instruction in primary schools of Punjab will be Urdu. But English will be taught as a language.

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