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Urdu Becomes Second Official Language in an Indian State

Telangana an Indian State passed the bill to make Urdu the second official language in the state. When this becomes the law all legal, government and official orders will be issued in Telugu and Urdu. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced this development made in the official language of the state.

Political parties supported this decision including BJP. The question was raised on efforts done to implement Telugu, the official language of the state.

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Telangana BJP floor leader G Kishan Reddy said that the party supports the decision made of making Urdu second official language but asked that what is the state government doing to given emphasis to state’s official language Telugu.

Kishan Reddy said, “Is government giving orders in Telugu? The previous Congress and Telugu Desam parties did not make any effort to implement Telugu in official correspondence.”

Congress deputy floor leader T Jeevan Reddy said that the government needs to revive the past glory of Urdu language by developing Urdu Academy, library, and minority computer training centers

Deputy chief minister Mohd Mahmood Ali said that funds will be given in order to strengthen the Urdu Academy, as for libraries he said were they were not needed.