Updated Steam mobile app with QR code login released by Valve

Bid farewell to the outdated and heavy Steam mobile apps. Valve has rolled out a new version for android and iOS users. As said by the game developer the app is completely redesigned on the latest framework as well as new features. One is the login facility via QR codes.

The app is equipped with the latest method for signing in to the Steam account. With the latest features, users do not have to type in passwords and other credentials. They can simply access their accounts via two-factor authentication to confirm their identity. While using the QR method for sign-in, a page with details like a map shows up thus confirming the location from where you are signing in to your account. After that code scan is required. While using the username method for signing in the app verifies the user’s identity by asking them to either admit or reject the attempt to sign in. To make sure that your account is secure, make changes to the Authorized devices page.

Various new features have been introduced to the Steam mobile app. It shows all the games in the library from where you can install and even uninstall the games on your PC. The latest and upgraded browser options enable the users to look into sales, requests from friends, and trade options. Users can customize the notifications in accordance with their preferences. Based on the declaration post, Valve is aiming to and working on bringing a QR code scan option as well as the addition of an Authorized devices page to the browser.