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Upcoming Long Weekend in Pakistan on 23rd March

Who does not like a long holiday? A break from tiring student life or hectic professional routine, we all welcome any holiday with open arms.
Well, this year 23rd March will be observed on Friday, thus Pakistani’s can enjoy a long weekend starting from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning.

Every year 23rd March is declared a holiday in Pakistan because of its undeniable importance in Pakistan’s history and independence.

On 23rd March 1940, the decision to fight for an independent land and break from the chains of the British and Hindu rule was taken by Muslim League.

Lahore Resolution which was later called Pakistan Resolution was declared by Maulana Fazlul Haq stating, “…the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North-Western and Eastern zones of India should be grouped to constitute ‘Independent States’ in which the constituent units shall be autonomous and sovereign.”

One of the highly anticipated events on 23rd March is the Parade, conducted at the Shakarpariyan’s parade ground in Islamabad. While some have the privilege of watching it live from the stadium, almost the whole of Pakistan watch it on television or internet. Last year there was the special participation of Peoples Liberation Army China’s Tri-Services, Saudi Special Force’s commissions and Turkish Jannisary Military group in the parade.

Also, almost every year there is a signal issue also encountered on 23rd March. Due to security reasons, the government suspends cellular services all across Pakistan. This year, though, we might not have signal problems on 23rd March as Islamabad High Court has declared it illegal to suspend cellular services in Pakistan. A petition was filed against suspending cellular services during important events all over Pakistan under the excuse of security. Thus, IHC gave the verdict that from now on mobile network suspension in Pakistan will be considered illegal.

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So let’s hope that Pakistanis can enjoy a holiday on 23rd March, watching Parade and having no signal problems.