Unregistered users can’t view tweets and user profiles on Twitter

As per the latest information from The Verge, the new modifications of Twitter won’t allow unregistered users to view tweets and browse the platform. Well, this is a part of several changes introduced since Elon Musk took over the platform back in 2022. Undoubtedly, the platform has evolved and the process continues.

The recent modifications indicate that the user won’t be able to access the content on Twitter in case they are not logged into the Twitter space. Furthermore, unregistered users won’t have access to browse Twitter. Unregistered users are now presented with a box that asks them to log into their existing accounts or create new ones.

Well, the recent modifications negate the perspective of Elon Musk as owner during the initial days. Musk hired George Hotz, a self-driving car developer, and former iPhone hacker, in November 2022 to fix a Twitter search bug and do rid of the login screen. However, Hotz abandoned the project midway through and cut ties with Twitter.

The new modifications are equally applicable to the mobile as well as web versions of the app. The company has not shared any detail on whether the new changes are part of an internal update or a technical issue. We might come across an official announcement from the company in the upcoming weeks. Well, the reason behind this move is quite clear. The platform aims to register the unregistered users on the platform. It could even attract unregistered users to sign up for Twitter Blue. Whatever the case may be, the platform will benefit.

Previously, unregistered users had access to view tweets. However, they were not allowed to interact with other users. Free Twitter accounts can still access the content without any restrictions, but in order to access more services, they must be a Blue subscription.