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Unlicensed Companies Banned from Making Hand Sanitizers

Unlicensed manufacturers have been stopped from making hand sanitizers by the Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). The Science and Technology Minister, Fawad Chaudhary issued a laboratory report and this decision has been taken as a response to that decision.

The report has revealed that around 60 percent on the hand sanitizers in the market are of low quality as per the World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

For further action the minister has sent the list to DRAP. Also it has been requested that the provincial governments should take action against the manufacturers.

As per the report it has been notified by DRAP that just the companies that have a valid drug manufacturing license (DML) or valid enlistment certificates (Form-6) will be permitted to make hand sanitizers.

With the approval from the health & OTC division, permission was only given on a campaign basis for three months period.

As per the notification given by DRAP, the decision has been taken in the best interest of the public keeping in consideration the health urgency and the requirement for quality hand sanitizers to save people from the coronavirus pandemic.

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A quality hand sanitizer must be alcohol or ethanol dominant. It should have 80% volume/volume in an aqueous (water) solution, denatured or Isopropyl Alcohol 75% v/v, Glycerol 1.455% v/v and Hydrogen peroxide 0.125% v/v.

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