University Students in Islamabad Slept Inside an ATM

University students in Islamabad slept inside an ATM while placing a note displaying ‘ATM out of service’ so that no one tries to come inside.

The weather in Islamabad and generally all over Pakistan is getting hotter day by day. HeatWave in Karachi has killed many and people affected by heatstroke in Islamabad are hospitalized. Authorities and medical experts did issue a warning that the temperature in the capital city will rise in the next ten days. And above all people are fasting, despite the scorching weather.

Now in summers, the air conditioner is turned on inside the ATMs by the banks to ensure that they work properly. So that an atmosphere inside an ATM is pretty cool. This pleasant weather inside the ATM room compelled some students of Islamabad to sleep inside it while putting the note out that the ATM is out of service.

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Though most of the ATMs do have a security guard, it seems that this particular ATM was left unguarded. We are talking about Habib Bank ATM in G-7/1 which did not have any guard, thus the students took advantage of the situation.

As per the new reports the students were of the Federal Urdu University of Islamabad. The people who took the pictures reported that there were at least three students inside the ATM, captured sleeping.

Here are some pictures of the ATM that was out of order.

We can’t say if the students were legally allowed to do this or not but we can’t deny that fact that the weather outside is simply unbearable.

PIMS even asked Islamabad citizens to take precautionary measures in order to protect themselves against the scorching hot weather like if a person suffers from a heatstroke, he/she should be immediately taken to a cooler place.

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