University Students all Across Pakistan Continue to Demand Online Exams

Online Exams

All the University students are demanding to take online exams. They all have started to fret about being asked to physically sit in exams when universities reopen on February 1st.

As per the reports, related hashtags trended on Twitter Tuesday, with students of several universities sharing their concerns.

Posts about students not feeling well and testing positive for COVID-19 were quite common.

On the other hand, a few voices pointed out that those crying out for online exams were using the pandemic as an excuse since it made it easier to cheat.

Several universities are pressing ahead with schedules, encouraging the strict implementation of all SOPs. National University of Modern Languages released its date sheet Tuesday. Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi restated its exam policies while students protested outside the campus.

Shahzad Yunas Sheikh, a PTI worker from Faisalabad, has been active in sharing protest updates on Twitter. Sheikh shared videos of student protestors marching to the Lahore Governor House. Around half of the participants were seen wearing face masks less than a foot apart from each other.

Earlier today, Murad Raas Punjab School Education Minister welcomed students back to schools and guaranteed everyone that all possible safety measures were being taken. Dissimilar from last year, students won’t be promoted without examination, he declared.

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