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University at PM House to Cost More than Rs.35 billion`

University at PM House

The government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has the plans of converting the PM House into a modern university which is likely to cost more than Rs.35 billion as the new buildings would be built on more than 50 acres of land.

As per sources, the Pakistan Science and Technology Task Force, which is looking into the suggested university project, made an estimation of the initial cost of more than Rs.35 billion for the university, but, a feasibility study for the said project is yet to be done.

According to the officials at the Ministry of Planning and Development, an important meeting on the planned project was held at the ministry, which was led by the Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Asad Umar.

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He further mentioned that a budget of Rs.200 million is needed for conducting an initial feasibility study. He added that there should be no delay in the making of the University as it is a high priority project.

Asad Umar was also told about the scholarships that would be offered at the university.

As per sources, the university was among the promises made by PM Khan during election campaign days and was a part of the manifesto of PTI before the 25th of July election as well. They also indicated that the total area of the PM HOuse could be more than 100 acres but the university just needs more than 50 acres on the north-western side of the building.

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