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Universities to Convert to Solar Power

solar power

Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar—the Governor of Punjab has asked the vice-chancellors of the public sector universities to convert to solar power from electricity for meeting their energy requirements for saving both the money and environment.

While conversing with the vice-chancellors of the government universities at the Governor’s House on Wednesday, the governor Punjab said that it was time to reserve energy and to explore the modern technologies for the betterment of the country.

The Governor Punjab called upon the heads of universities for installing the water filtration plants at the university campuses for making sure to provide clean drinking water to the students. He added that the rainwater should also be preserved for fish farming, agriculture and other usages.

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He said that physical change would be noticeable in the society when the right person would get his right and the merit would be the topmost preference in the institutions.

He further said that universities are not just educational institutions, they are the places where students develop themselves for a bright and prosper future of the nation.

Chaudhary Sarwar said that all the university campuses which do not abide with the international standards in academics and infrastructure would be shut down, he also said that education was a sacred trust of the youth instead of the will of some.

The governor also said that the government has vowed to not tolerate any lapse in the health and education division. He also mentioned that the masses would soon see revolutionary changes in these divisions.

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