Universal Number Plates will be issued in Punjab

It has been announced by the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab to issue the Universal Number Plates for the citizens. The new number plates will not be city centered, they will be province centered. Thus it means that the new computerized number plates will not have any city name, it will have ‘Punjab’ the province name.

The Provincial Excise Minister, Hafiz Mumtaz said that the reason the number plates are being made universal is that if someone is selling a car with a number plate of a small city, in a big city like Lahore, the price of the car gets lowered. In order to resolve this issue, it is important to make Universal number plates in the province.

Additional IGP and Managing Director Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) Mr. Ali Amir Malik confirmed this that universal number plates will be launched. They will have the three-alphabet figure and three digits. The font size of the number plate will be increased so it is easily detectable by the safe city cameras.

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The bikes will have three alphabets and four digits. Their font size will also be bigger than the present one.

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