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United Motors New Bravo Car Revealed

The second biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan, United Motors is expanding its business and will soon launch automobiles in Pakistan. As per the rumors, United Motors will launch an affordable 800cc hatchback and a commercial 1000cc pickup.

There were several new reports and speculations relating to the launch of Suzuki Mehran look-alike car by United Motors. United Motors denied the rumors claiming that their affordable car will be much better than the currently available and popular Pak Suzuki Mehran.

The second vehicle that United Autos was planning to launch was a United Pickup. So it will be an addition to the competitive pickup and loaders market in Pakistan.

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Quite recently United Motors has applied for copyrights of the car, they are calling United Bravo. The company has applied to the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan.

The car looks new and modern with an innovative design. The rear side of the car looks like Kia Rio. The door handles are pull type, alloy wheels are seen, fog and split tail lamps, a 3-spoke steering wheel, and a centered multimedia screen.

As of yet, we don’t know about United Bravo’s engine but it seems that the car will be a nice addition to the small car market in Pakistan.

The name of the car seems unique but it is not. JW Forland also used this name when they sold their pickup. Using a name that already exists in the auto market doesn’t seem to be an effective marketing strategy.

Furthermore, we are not sure if United Motors will just launch this hatchback in Pakistan or it is planning to launch more. We know United Motors is also looking to launch an affordable car in Pakistan. So when and how these cars will be launched, will it be soon or the consumers will have to wait long, we can’t say for sure.



Image via: Carspiritpk