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United Bravo Car Price Increases for the first time

We are all aware of Toyota Motors, Pak Suzuki, and Atlas Honda increasing their vehicle prices numerous times but now United Motors has also raised the price of its newly launched car. The initial price of United Bravo 800cc hatchback was PKR 850,000. Now the price has been raised by PKR 45,000. The new price is PKR 895,000.

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Many feel that the continuous price increase in vehicle prices is quite unfair. The pretext given by automakers for increasing prices is the continuous rupee devaluation against the dollar. United Motors have also given similar reason for raising car prices.

An official said, “We tried our best not to put pressure on our customers but due to rupee devaluation, we have been pushed against the wall.”

On the positive side those who have made full payments of the car and are waiting for its delivery will not have to pay any extra amount. This is unlike other automakers who do charge extra amount if the price is increased before delivery.

As for the quality of United Bravo, there have been a few issues reported like the unaligned backlights, a few poorly painted parts and some other issues but it has to be seen whether these issues will also be in the shipped units of Bravo or not.