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United Bravo Car Price Increases by Rs.30,000

The price of 800cc hatchback United Bravo has been increased by Rs.30,000 by United Motors Limited. The new price of the car is Rs.925,000. Following the implementation of FED by the federal government, the price of the car has been revised.

A circular was sent by the company to its dealers all over Pakistan. In the circular it was mentioned that keeping in mind the recent federal budget, the government of Pakistan has imposed 2.5% federal excise duty on 800cc cars. This is the reason that United Motors is compelled to increase its car price.

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The new price of the cat is inclusive of sales tax which is 17%. Other than United Autos, Atlas Honda also revised its car rates and Isuzu also raised its vehicle prices.

Earlier the price Isuzu D-Max V-Cross M/T was PKR 4,450,000, which was raised to PKR 4,650,000. Similarly, the prices of V-Cross A/T was PKR 4,675,000, which was increased to PKR 4,875,000.

The FED placed on cars by Pakistan government states that from 0cc to 1000 cc there will be 2.5% FED, from 1001 cc to 2000 cc cars there will be 5% FED and on cars of 2001 cc and above there will be 7.5% FED.