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United Airlines Flight Diverted due to a Bomb Threat

A bomb message was found on board on United Airlines flight which was going from Rome to Chicago. After the bomb threat, the flight was diverted to the Shannon airport in Ireland.

A message found on the flight said that there is a bomb on the plane. Thus the Boeing 767-330 having 207 passengers along with 11 staff members was diverted and landed at Shannon airport at 2.15pm local time. It met with airport rescue staff as soon as it landed.

Passengers were disembarked from the plane and taken to the terminal. They are still being investigated and checked to find out further information relating to this bomb. Also, their baggage is being checked to find for any clues or leads relating to the bomb message.

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United Airline has not commented yet except that the flight was diverted due to “a potential security concern”

It said, “After assessing the situation our crew made the decision to divert to the nearest available airport. Additional security screenings will be performed on all customers and baggage, and we will work to get customers on their way to Chicago as quickly as possible.”

As per Irish Times, a message was found in the plane’s toilet claiming that there was a bomb on the plane. After the plane landed, police started taking handwriting samples to match them with the writing on the bomb message.