Unique Business Startup Ideas In Pakistan

Who wants to start a business?

  • Youth, who wants to offer something new to the society.
  • Housewives who want to stay at home, raise their children but work as well.
  • Retired workers, who have experience of a lifetime but don’t know how and where to utilize it.
  • Working class who have a job but wants to secure their future as well.

Yes. All of you can become entrepreneurs!!!

The reason for classifying it is because we think Start-up or entrepreneurship is just a youth based business. Truth is anybody can do it. You just need the right ideas.

Unique Startup Ideas for Pakistani community

  1. Consultant:

In Pakistan there is a lot of depression and hopelessness in the society. Be it due to unemployment, family issues, marriage-love problems or any health disease. Also we tend to overthink about our issues. So almost all of us need advice and encouragement at some point of time.

So start a business to guide people, give them best advice and provide them the support that no company or business in the world can offer them.

  1. Talent hunt in Pakistan:

If you love travelling go to the unique unexplored places of Pakistan. Find the beauty and talent that is hiding inside the closed door. Bring it forward and show the world what Pakistan has got.

  1. Become the Next Edhi of Pakistan:

We need business and people like Eidhi in Pakistan, who work effortlessly for the people. So if you want to earn respect through your Startup and money is not important, then start working for the betterment of the people.

  1. Child care:

Concept of babysitting is not yet established in Pakistan, but as more and more females are working they don’t have a trustworthy place to take their kids to. Establish a trustworthy babysitting company in Pakistan, because we need it and we don’t have such concepts in the country.

The most important thing everyone would tell us is to find  your strength and use it for your benefit. This sounds cliché. It is cliché. Saying this statement is easy but how to find what you are good at?

We will give you some ideas that will help you in finding the best in yourself.

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  1. For the youngsters of present times everything is online based. Internet has become an essential part of our lives.

 So let’s say you are not good in studies, sports or arts. What you are good at is food. You  know the best places to find Desi, continental, Arabian, Chinese any kind of cuisine.

  There are thousands of families in Pakistan who just know two places to visit if they go out, or they end up eating at home when they want to dine out.

You can start a company that advice people where they should dine out as per their requirements.

2. Love reading books? Know all about the best books or movies? People have a lot of CDs and books they have read and they want new ones now.

You can become a mediator through whom people can exchange books or movies with each other free of cost, instead of buying new ones.


The best cooks in the world are our mothers. So all the mothers you can get paid for your delicious food. Start from your neighborhood.

Start a catering business. Get your expertise acknowledged. 

 It will take time but every good thing take time to get recognized.

  Similarly your expertise is in stitching? Start a boutique at home. If your work is good people will start acknowledging

Retired gentlemen:

Once the most useful father get retired, they have nothing left to do. Why do we think that a person dies when he reach 60? A man with decades of experience can offer a lot to the society.

Ideas for your father:

  1. Whatever your expertise is in, be it engineering, management; use it to your benefit. You can make a page online to guide youngsters.
  2. Write a book. Share your knowledge with the younger generation before it is lost forever.

 Working class:

Start a small business along with your job.

  1. IT professionals can make a website and work on it.
  2. Young creative workers can start making part time gifts and sell them. Also they can promote their art through social media.
  3. Manage part time events if you are good at it.

Youth, Housewives , Retired officers and Working Class can collaborate:

For instance

You can start a catering business. The housewife can cook. The retired gentleman can manage it, the working class can give ideas relevant to the current market and the youngster in the family can create a page to spread the business.

There is so much to do in this world, so many dimensions you can explore, so much to offer more in already established businesses. You just need to start.

Don’t keep on thinking! Just start a project you are good at. Rewards would come but spend some time and effort.

Media coordinator and junior editor at Research Snipers RS-NEWS, I studied mass communication and interested technology business, I have 3 years experience in the media industry.

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