Union Star has launched 70cc automatic bike in Pakistan

Union Star has recently launched 70cc automatic gearbox bike in Pakistan. Regardless, automatic bikes didn’t get much appreciation in Pakistan but it’s a still fast-growing market with millions of 70cc bikes from various makers.

Union Star is not the first bike maker who launched the automatic bike in Pakistan, previously Super Power introduced automatic gear transmission bikes in Pakistan. Now the social dynamics are changing in Pakistan and working women are also heading towards bike riding.

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As public transport in urban cities gets worse due to congestion, bike usage is increasing with every passing day. Women have started learning to ride the bike and Automatic bikes could set the new standards for women biking in the market.

Union Star 70cc bike has no pedal on the left side with gearbox and no clutch, it automatically changes gears, the rider just has to keep the foot on the ride side brake and right hand on the accelerator. The new Union Star Automatic bike can attract women and physically impaired people because it becomes really easy to ride in even worse traffic conditions.

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