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Unidentified Flying Objects spotted over skies in Sydney

The local residents of Sydney, Australia have spotted a series of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) over the skies of the capital city of Australia.

The spectators, who lived from New South Wales south coast to capital Sydney, reported that they have witnessed the strange lights during the early hours of Wednesday morning, Daily Mail reported.

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The residents of the areas said that they were not sure what they were witnessing but some speculated that it might have been a satellite or even an unidentified flying object (UFO).

But the sighting was later put down to Elon Musk’s recent Starlink satellite constellation launch by an aerospace company SpaceX.

A man who witnessed the scene said that strange lights looked like they were the width of a full moon. Another man, resident of New South Wales, said that he thought he was looking at a space station.

“I thought it was an international space station, I though the sun was hitting on it but then I realized it was moving a lot slower than the space station usually does,” he added.

Some other people joked that it was the aliens who have decided to go home after seeing the state of Earth in 2020.

It is pertinent to mention here that the lights could also be seen in England where Keith Mayoh has managed to shoot the footage of the thing before posting in to the social media platform Twitter.

‘In (the) garden about an hour ago and saw an object floating across the sky west>east. Too slow for a plane, no sound, sun glimmered off it,’ he wrote.

Dr Brad Tucker—an expert of space said that the people can only witness the satellites from the Earth two hours before sunrise and two hours after sunset.

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