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Unhygienic and Dirty Condition at New Islamabad International Airport is Alarming

New Islamabad International Airport opened for public on 3rd May 2018, after years of delay. It was said, that the airport will be the biggest, technologically advanced airport ever seen in the history of Pakistan.

But since the airport has become operational, many issues and faults have been reported. From the baggage system getting jammed to, broken escalators to no directions given to the travelers, the airport has remained in a controversy.

Interesting: Video of the baggage system failure

Now as almost three weeks have passed since the official inauguration of the airport, people have been capturing the pictures of the airport, depicting the dirty, unclean and below average condition.

Here look at some of the pictures of the airport.

Just look at the condition of this sink in the bathroom


Biscuit Wrappers

Yes, this is our New Islamabad International Airport

The staff is busy on phones

The pictures that have been taken by the general public at the airport shows that the janitorial staff is just busy on their phones and are not fulfilling their respective duties. The bathrooms are unclean, garbage is thrown around, cigarettes are found in plant pots, giving an unhygienic look to the newly launched airport.

Furthermore, it was seen that there are hardly any seats for the people to sit and wait at the airport. Either people standing or they are sitting on the floors which is quite saddening.

It is also amazing that our public does not seem to think twice before throwing garbage all around the airport, and generally everywhere. As citizens of Pakistan, we need to take our responsibility and make our country cleaner instead of unhygienic and dirty. Similarly, the janitorial staff is hired for a reason. Instead of spending time on their phones, they need to do their job. The management of the airport needs to wake up, now.