UNESCO Agrees to Work for Cultural Mapping in KPK


On Sunday, news came out that UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority (K-PCTA) have agreed to work together mutually for cultural mapping in KP.

According to the details, this decision was announced in a meeting that took place on Tuesday between General Kamran Ahmad Afridi K-PCTA and UNESCO Director in Pakistan Patricia McPhillips.   

As per Afridi, cultural mapping is a must for the promotion of culture, and for that UNESCO chief has certified support for collecting data and information in this regard.

McPhillips stated that cultural mapping is necessary for the promotion of culture therefore, UNESCO and K-PCTA are both going to work together for the collection of information and data and to boost the culture in the province.

The official of UNESCO added that taking steps in order to promote the culture according to the cultural policy without cultural mapping will be an unfriendly dream.

UNESCO will fully support K-PCTA in the collection of data and information on K-P culture.

According to the official, all private sectors should get involved in the cultural activities and events in order to increase the culture in every corner of the province.

With cultural mapping, it would be easier to collect information and data on cultural activities artists, local sports, cultural fairs, hujras, and events taking place in the villages, cities, or towns in KPK.

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