UNDP & FCCI Collaborate To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Farrukh Moriani, the Senior Advisor Private Sector Engagement for SDGs said that collaboration between United Nations Development Program, Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Government would result in a boost in the private sector of Pakistan. They will work together to increase economic activities in private sector which in turn would make them achieve Sustainable Development Goals in a short duration.

Moriani paid a visit to FCCI, held meetings with Ahmad Hassan the vice president and came up with suggestions to create progress in private sector and attain SDGs through launch of national initiatives.

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Local entrepreneurs can be given a chance to bring improvement in textile industry if they are provided with innovative tools and technology. Moriani stressed on importance of textile industry and said that UNDP can provide new technology to the industrialist which can then boost export of Pakistan in textile products.

Ahmed Hassan also spoke and said that for economic development technical education is essential. Even though the duration of courses related to technical education has been reduced to 6 months from one year.  

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