Underground Water in Lahore would be finished in the next 10 years – Research Snipers

Underground Water in Lahore would be finished in the next 10 years

Lahore is a capital of Pakistan’s most populated province Punjab with over 10 million population. According to the experts, the fresh water for drinking will not be available to the residents of Lahore in next 10 years.

According to the BBC reports, the underground water’s surface in Lahore is going down with the average of 2.5 feet every year. But, the water available under the 100 feet in contaminated and is not able to drink.

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“The water we are provided is contaminated and isn’t able to drink. We use that water for our other home works like washing pots and clothes”, said the residents of Lahore.

“We have been provided a very low quantity of water, every morning our children need to make a queue to use the water and wash their hands and mouths and go to schools. Sometimes water couldn’t be available without the use of water motor”, Shahdara’s residents.

People need to drill the surface of the earth to 700 feet to get the fresh water and below the 1000 feet, there isn’t any sign of water.

According to the WASA officials, they are trying to get the fresh water from the rivers and canals of the country to provide the fresh water to the people of Lahore.