Under Investigation COMSATS University Bioinformatics Lab Burns Down – Research Snipers

Under Investigation COMSATS University Bioinformatics Lab Burns Down

The bioinformatics lab in Comsats University caught fire and burnt down. The university suffered from a loss of over Rs 100 million due to the fire and its after-effects. Advance computers, research work, technical items of over 10 scientists and 80 students were destroyed. Though no human loss or injury was reported, due to this incident over the weekend the intellectual work was destroyed. 70 high-end computers at the lab died in the fire. Important documents were lost and the university suffered. The outdated fire alarm system in the lab didn’t work at the time of the fire.

Though the first assumption will be that the whole incident was an accident, those aware with the incident believe that someone could have intentionally caused the fire to halt an investigation. The lab was under investigation for purchasing equipment at a higher price than usual. Thus authorities has considered this possibility as well that this might have triggered the incident.

They are presently working to find out whether the people who are behind the purchase of expensive items are also behind the cause of the fire in Bioinformatics Lab.

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It is quite disturbing that in one of the known universities of Pakistan, a lab was attacked, important data was lost and the research work was destroyed. Students go to schools, colleges, and universities to study, grow and develop. Such incidents do leave a scar behind which takes a lifetime to hide.

Presently we can just hope that the culprits behind this incident are caught for the sake of everyone.