UN Website to Upload Jinnah Speeches

An agreement was signed between the information ministry and the UN body to upload the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah speeches to the UN website. So now the Jinnah’s speeches will have an international audience.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, National Historical Heritage and the United Nations Educational and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) signed the agreement. A comprehensive strategy is being devised under the agreement to upload the Quaid’s speeches to the ‘Memory of the World’ archive of UNESC’. These speeches are from 1914 to 1947.

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UNESCO has asked the information ministry to include the Jinnah speech on its site and the UNESCO’s Heritage Programme’s Memory of the World. The Ministry has been asked to provide the Jinnah speeches in the digital form by UNESCO.

It is a great initiative taken by the Ministry to ensure that the Jinnah speeches don’t get buried with time. The speeches are not just a memory of Jinnah but they are an inspiration for the youngsters and the public in general. People can learn from those speeches of how a great leader should speak to his people. How a leader should conduct himself/herself and strive to improve the conditions of the people.

Thus the UN uploading Jinnah speeches is an encouraging step taken by the government.

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